What I am looking for is simple workflow to both record in real time and step mode (on the grid). Most if not all DAWs have this. But what they're lacking is a streamlined approach to accurately quantizing to the time signature grid. I want to be able to turn the quant function on and off at will. I also need it to accurately place the block on the correct grid line per the selection. Logic Pro X is too sloppy, Garageband did away with that functionality. Ableton Live's workflow stinks.

@kai I know. I just want to compose music some more. I would give premo dollar to run GBv1.1 on this 2017 machine.

@persuasiveeraser have you tried reason? there's a certain kind of person that thinks the way that reason works propellerheads.se/en/reason/tr

@persuasiveeraser you might not be alone…maybe other people are looking for the exact same thing

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