Whom and Whilst are not words any more than Thy or Thou.

@meskarune That may be, but your facts are plain wrong. Men are substantially more at risk of being victims of homicide in the U.S. than women. What you're describing is something different, and that's called a double standard. A man could just as easily label a woman as the uncomfortable one, and then name her more dangerous due to the lack of safety men garner just because we have a stick and two balls. I encourage anyone who feels that way to learn how to shout, "Go fuck yourself!"

After I finish this STEM grad degree that I so eagerly wanted under my belt, I think I will get into jewelry making. Metals and stone, yeah!

@rootsworks I wouldn't be surprised if at some point within our lifetime the federal government cries monopoly and forces one of them to break apart into smaller companies like they did with AT&T/Ma Bell back in the 80s.

@jakebeamish@social.coop Long time garageband user for the drum sequencer. And then also logic and protools. I recently bought a new macbook for logic pro x, but not digging the workflow too much. Basically want something stripped down to the bare essentials for drums.

@kai I know. I just want to compose music some more. I would give premo dollar to run GBv1.1 on this 2017 machine.

@jakebeamish@social.coop I just downloaded Live today to test the free version. After about an hour, I got frustrated. So many people have told me that it's their favorite. I've got 30 days to play with it.

Maybe I need a DAW program or a plugin that just does drums. Then I can import the midi to the DAW that I use to add other instruments. The low end soundscape is the most important part. Without a simple workflow, I'm lost.

Anyone use Akai MPC products, either standalone or with usb connected to your DAW? The MPC studio may be my next research project for this.

# quantizing

I basically want the grid sequence function to have IA and ML so when I select the bar measure and then record 4 bars, the DAW will auto recognize the time signature and the optimal quantizing settings in case the user wants to align the midi notes exactly on the grid. So many DAWs have a quant function, but it never works correctly. Midi notes are far of from their reasonable placement on the grid. Garageband v 1.1 was the best I've seen at this. Now it's 12 versions later it's not the same.

What I am looking for is simple workflow to both record in real time and step mode (on the grid). Most if not all DAWs have this. But what they're lacking is a streamlined approach to accurately quantizing to the time signature grid. I want to be able to turn the quant function on and off at will. I also need it to accurately place the block on the correct grid line per the selection. Logic Pro X is too sloppy, Garageband did away with that functionality. Ableton Live's workflow stinks.

For those who specifically write and sequence MIDI drums & loops, what's your preferred DAW or software?

@Imani_knits That means the editors cut corners when they were doing their job.

@jk They got greedy when they moved the company from Kalamazoo, MI to Nashville, TN decades ago.

What if humans have 9 lives too? And each time you fuck up and die you come right back, but you forfeit a significant chunk of your long term memory.

Damn you Microsoft Word. I'll use a goddamn oxford comma if I goddamn want to.

Vegan Support Needed 

Please sign the petition to have the Los Angeles Animal Services switch the food they feed their 33,000 dogs to a plant-based vegan diet.

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