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Why eating more vegetables is good for the environment - The Economist explains - !vegan #vegan

Poetry - 

The change is coming to your head
Now you're born again
Be for me and reap for me
Sew up time with thread

I will call when you are one
Tightly wrapped wand I spun
But for now I leave you later
Settle out of all behavior

Overhead flies the man
Between us both the metallic sands

My grey streaks are really blue
Swirling masses I never knew

Figures form amongst the wreck
Details, agonizing death

Article on how the '90s culture-jamming idea, strong on the early internet, was itself sorta culture-jammed, leaving it unclear what a progressive way out might be.

Good article regardless, but especially works for me it b/c it's framed around a personal narrative of someone born in 1982 who grew up in a midwest suburb. (Though I was born in '81, and grew up in an Indiana suburb—not Ohio, thank god.)

drugs, old fashions 

I still have rave pants n i know they are bc theres legit an e tab smugglin pocket (its on the fly)

Theyre big and black w glow trim & mesh and are faded and torn to pieces at the cuff. A true image of the 90s counterculture movement i was never in bc loud electronica was never my thing

Modest volume electronica didnt sell no glow in the dark pants tho

Supermarkets exclude billions from free choice, variety of products, thereby confusing the invisible hand.

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If you make a video fullscreen on mast, it puts you back at the top of the feed upon closing it.

If mathematics is the language of nature, then people must have thought the gods were 'talking' to them when the ability first appeared to decipher and interpret covert algebraic and geometric patterns in their environment.

I caught a clip of a post game presser, and I came to the conclusion mic schemes have not changed since the 1940s.

I want a wall mount monitor arm that I can adjust no matter what position I am on the couch. And a wireless keyboard with a trackpad. They must make that. It'd be good for the neck.

I don't have to chew my food because I grind my teeth at night.

I was planning to get land out far away from the closest city, if I could afford it, for my cabin. If I have access to clear skies free of light pollution, I've been thinking of building one of these

It's a Dobsonian telescope that's relatively easy to build. The most expensive part is the primary mirror. If I can grind one myself, I could splurge on the secondary and still get clear views of the stars

I think I'm going to dedicate my time toward figuring out how to make money from home. I just can't function like a coherent person in the modern work environment. That, or everyone else is crazy accept me. Yeah, I think it's that. Still, no commute sounds nice.

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After 3 rounds on the phone, I had my in person interview with a Fortune 100 corporation this morning. I had to give a 20 minute presentation to a group of 6 people. All of them were younger than me, and I blew their dome's off with my take on relieving the bottleneck of silo'd data architecture. They were all confused AF. Then, in groups of 1 and 2, they proceeded to initiate 'read the psychological based questions from my paper' protocol for the next two hours. Then I had lunch with HR.

I bought some plaster gauze. I make art with these about once every 10 years. Not sure what to create this time.

I'm thinking about doing something half crazy like moving to Los Angeles.

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