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How to tile videos from the CLI:

ffmpeg -i vid1.mp4 -i vid2.mp4 -filter_complex "\
[v1][v2]hstack[v]" \
-map [v] \

I cannot for the life of me understand people who still have an NYT subscription.

Wanted to do a red carpet thing on Mastodon, but finding proper source photos is a pain, and Getty seem particularly litigious.

Mastodon is not feeling the Oscar buzz.

Any good red-carpet streams of the Oscars tonight? The Danish commentary is usually awful and pans away from, well, people of colour and such.

What is the best Japanese-to-English dictionary, ?

Physical copy probably ideal.

Another more involved tool to complement for animated screencasts is asciinema:

I still can’t figure out why next week is the last time theatres will be showing Black Panther in Denmark. What even.

Jeff Bezos is throttling my AWS S3 speeds, because I live in some hellscape where it takes me hours just to update my 15 MB website.

npm is such a crater of incompetence and security vulnerabilities, it’s almost adorable:

Use yarn, folks.

Any Mastodon clients that save reading position yet? Catching up is always such a pain on the platform.

For some reason, my trusty old s3_website now takes three hours to update my website on S3. Hopefully switching to awscli will fix it.

Might just go along and break my years-long streak of not going to the movies because of Black Panther. Not being a part of that discussion and experience from the start would be too much.

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Mastodon’s image compression is a little too hardcore on the images in carousel mode, though. They still look great in full view, however.

watching vrchat weddings this morning hbu