so something awful is dying too, love to migrate between social platforms all the time

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Man, good riddance to the Marvelflix shows, they are all so bad now.

I wrote this brief gist guide on how to export your Tumblr blog(s) a while ago. It also offers a suggestion for how to re-host it.

All it requires is a basic understanding of Ruby, the terminal, and a modicum of patience:

Blizzard sure killed expectation for anything Diablo at BlizzCon, huh.

If you don’t watch season 2 of Castlevania, what are you even doing with your life.

Love it when I can’t remember the tag for the bookmarks I desperately need to look up.

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Pretty cool that bans all people who voted Cuomo.

Welp, that’s the passage of Article 11 and 13.

How does the GPU market keep getting dumber.

This Nvidia presentation is so bad, y’all.

wtaf is going on with this weather that makes it 95% impossible for me to breathe?

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The Mastodon "Remote follow" feature could be so easily used to phish the average Mastodon user into signing into a fake instance.

⚠️ Important security reminder: Always make sure the URL shows your "home instance" when logging in.

Still need to find a Mastodon client that remembers reading position and doesn’t reset it on refresh.

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To put into perspective what is happening, here is 6 month of history of the processing required to run

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