How to tile videos from the CLI:

ffmpeg -i vid1.mp4 -i vid2.mp4 -filter_complex "\
[v1][v2]hstack[v]" \
-map [v] \

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AWS have finally started sending out e-mails to warn people of publicly exposed S3 buckets. AWS’s UX has always been worst in class, and now they’re starting to realize the consequences.

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If you only want to resize images *larger* than 250, add a `>` and quotes around the `-geometry` argument:

-geometry "250x250>+0+0"

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TIL about Imagemagick’s `montage` command which makes tiling images with the CLI dead simple:

montage \
-geometry 250x250+0+0 \
-background "#000" \
friend1.png friend2.png friend3.png friend4.png \

`250x250+0+0` makes each tile 250x250 with 0 spacing, which gives you a 500x500 image.

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I’m trying the Sublime Text version, but someone adapted it for Atom.

It adds 1866ms (TWO SECONDS) to start-up.


But that’s not all.

It’s literally just a regex plug-in that highlights a few predefined strings like TODO, FIXME, and NOTE.

What even are these atrocious linter frameworks. This is I try to keep my number of installed/enabled ST3 packages to a minimum.

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or those new to the Attack on Titan soundtracks, Hiroyuki Sawano has this lovely habit of giving all his tracks absolute NONSENSE names that look like corrupted filenames from the Napster days.

Makes it hard to recommend tracks.

Oh, and the best track on the first season’s soundtrack is named … Attack on Titan.

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Our work ahead for addressing climate change looks like a blank college paper with a blinking cursor the day before it’s due.

“Pathways for balancing CO2 emissions and sinks” //

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“Tax Evasion and Inequality” by Alstadsætter, Johannesen, Zucman.

> [A]bout 3% of personal taxes are evaded in Scandinavia, but this figure rises to about 30% in the top 0.01% of the wealth distribution, a group that includes households
with more than $40M in net wealth.

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