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I forgot people can’t see your faves on Mastodon, being problematic is so hard here.

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huh i wonder how Mastodon is gonna change after the influx of all these Twitter leftists and... uhh.. well this is new...

Lots of info about Nvidia Turing is leaking:

Looks like we may get a 7nm refresh in a year at the pace of this release schedule if xx80 and xx80ti are released simultaneously.

Need to upgrade my GPU to a 2080, now to take a big sip of water as I wait to see what the price will be.

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The moderators of - including me - fielded one thousand reports between 4 PM US Eastern yesterday and 5 PM US Eastern today. I'm /pretty/ sure that's the longest queue I've seen since I started moderating there in May of last year.

At least my toots won’t be found problematic.

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A general announcement: We cannot free up the usernames of inactive users, no matter how badly you want them yourself.

This isn't a site policy, it's a limitation of the software. Sorry!

Does anyone know what the specific new changes to images on Mastodon are? Better/worse compression or something like that?

i literally can't fit all the amazing videogames coming up in a toot

Infinity War was decent, but not mindblowing.

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“I don’t believe our species can survive unless we fix this, We cannot have a society in which if two people wish to communicate, the only way that can happen is if it’s financed by a third person who wishes to manipulate them.”

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My mom got a parking ticket today because she set her parking disc after her car’s clock—which was off by an hour.

If Mercedes can’t crack the technological challenge of automatic accounting for daylight savings, how comfortable do you feel about the future of autonomous vehicles?

How to tile videos from the CLI:

ffmpeg -i vid1.mp4 -i vid2.mp4 -filter_complex "\
[v1][v2]hstack[v]" \
-map [v] \

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I cannot for the life of me understand people who still have an NYT subscription.

Wanted to do a red carpet thing on Mastodon, but finding proper source photos is a pain, and Getty seem particularly litigious.

Any good red-carpet streams of the Oscars tonight? The Danish commentary is usually awful and pans away from, well, people of colour and such.

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