We're sure western anarchists are familiar with anarchist revolutions in Catalonia and Ukraine, but we in Asia have our own anarchist revolution in Revolutionary Shinmin which lasted from 1929-1931.

(Map insert on its location)

squatting opportunity in #Rotterdam in "a neighborhood called #Tweebosbuurt with a bit less than 600 flats "

"We settled here without really realizing what an opportunity it was : it is extremely simple to settle here. At the moment, with only 3 squats the police is out of her depth. The company in charge of the destruction is not « on the square » but has no efficient way of organizing to illegaly evict us : they are not enough and honestly no one expected any form of resistance here.

We are seeking for people who would like to live here, and if we’re a bit more, then we think it is really easy to impose a power balance in such a place, not only to impede or even cease the destruction but also to potentially « conquer » by squatting a whole neighborhood in one of the largest european metropolis. I believe what’s going on here has a huge potential to be significant. "

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Going into 2020 queer as hell.

Goal: kiss a girl, then a boy, and a non binary person all in the same day.

your regular reminder: if a table has 1 Nazi and 10 other people sit down at it, the table has 11 Nazis.

@becky here's a documentary made by the people of Cherán, seven years after the revolution, it has english subtitles: invidio.us/watch?v=oDspeScGZrQ

No one who knew that the flag consisted of a bit of black stuff on the end of a broomstick would believe it, and no more do you, sir. I wished to show that the laborers were dying of hunger and in need of work. It is the flag of strikes and famines.
-- Louise Michel

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when you're at a job interview and they ask you what your best qualities are

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Me: likes trains, isn't a piece of shit
Ayn Rand: likes trains, is a piece of shit

People with their Linux laptops and lots of terminals in the public look cool as hell, but in reality, they are probably just desperately trying to make the damn wifi work.
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