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Need more RAM, compiling my first "Hello World" :-)

Preface of introduction to emacs lisp done (you only lisp once)

Ok, now even a Lisp developer is following me. Universe balance restored :-)

Oh, Ruby programmer is following Lisp learner? Weird :-)

Phlog about me being current is online, yeah

Xmonad on Fedora - 19 KB, dependencies - 97 MB (and yes, I already have xorg up and running).

Plan for a weekend - TinyWM and Xmonad

Rambling about fish shell online on my Gopher phlog. Read and cry :-(

Phlog posted. Kind of long, even for my taste :-D

So, yeah, it is searching for "phlog". One "ln -s BLOG phlog" was enough.

Any idea why my phlog is not listed on Is it because it is it "BLOG" folder instead of "phlog"? :-D

My sdf webpage updated: (thanks @solderpunk for html inspiration :-) )

Alpine on almost configured to my liking

3 episodes per day, I'm in a swing. YouTube better buy some storage with this pace :-)