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@pet84rik Basic on my Coco 2, mostly because that's all I had at the time.

@sparcipx nice, I needed to ddg "coco2" - is it that TRS-80 computer? Mine was Slovak clone of ZX Spectrum (48K) called Didaktik M - hours spent with BASIC, copying and modifying games and programs. Ah, nice days :-)

@pet84rik That's correct, a TRS-80 (or Tandy) Colour Computer 2. Later upgraded to a Coco 3 before I bought into the Amiga world.

@sparcipx this is something I have never tried. From Z80 right to the X86 world, some PPC in the last year.

@pet84rik The Coco still has an active community, believe it or not. Lots of new hardware etc being made.

@sparcipx yeah, a lot of 80s stuff has weirdly huge communities, just look at the Z80 hackers, makers, etc-ers :-D

@pet84rik I know, it's a great time to be alive and/or stuck in the past! Just got into the MSX a couple of years ago.

@pet84rik Basic, I guess. The ol' Sharp had it. Then the C64 had it. But the first real programming project I embarked on used C. It was a play-by-email game server.

@kensanata sooo, in general, you invented "network distributed gaming".. sue Steam :-D

@pet84rik Actually I took an existing game (Atlantis 1.0) and translated all the texts into German. That was the first real thing I did.
I faintly remember learning some Turbo Pascal as a teenager but I don't remember ever doing anything with it.

@kensanata @pet84rik It depends on if you count Klik and Play as a language or Visual Basic.

I did Klik and Play first to make little games and I learnt a bit of VB during my A Levels.

@pet84rik @kensanata Well I put a lot more time and effort into the KnP so I guess I would?

@stolas @kensanata If you told your computer to do something in a form of commands and it did that, you can count it as a programming language. I needed to check ddg about Klik and Play, but it looks like "IDE" for me :-D

@pet84rik Microsoft Extended Basic, because it was what SVI-728 came with.