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@kensanata I am using RedReader on my phone, no adds

@sparcipx heeeey, I just read your post - you need to stick with solaris.. and with larger drive, you can compile more modern stuff.

@v6shell I have a snapshot on my Lenovo as well, no issues.

OK, I was able to type my daily phlog, so it is probably a bit better. Used "se" again, yeaaah :-D

SDF down again? ftp allows me to login but no transfers, ssh timeouts, webpage timeouts :-( ah

@stefan you are right, I am not linux free on them. But, I also have an old BlackBerry, new BlackBerry (OS10), FFOS, Meego (which is Linux, again :-( ). So I could be, if I throw my lovely Nokia away.

Happy birthday, NetBSD - 1/4 of a century

@solderpunk @klaatu do you need that report processed in LaTeX? :-)

@dubst3pp4 @ckeen emacs is the OS in which you can run vim