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New pen in my pocket, a pretty good deal. My NL trip got better

Good morning world. Trip to Amsterdam is bigger failure than I thought :-(

40 minutes until boarding, Amsterdaaaam

Finally, listening to Half hour of Power by @solderpunk

30 hours left, 12 at work, 8 in bed. Amsterdaaaaaam

@solderpunk ah, i missed the show :-( too much work to do at that time )

And since I am using these weird editors, I deserve a special hashtag - ( as well ) 😃

oh yeah: gopher:// / challenge completed :-)

Next video will be about se ( ), but I need a looong preparation for that. I could start a "Weird text editors" series :-D

78 hours until my flight to Amsterdam. Red Light District, I am comming.

Subway Tooter looks weird, but I like irmt somehow. It works on my Alcatel very well...

My main page is slightly updated, but my plan is to have a subpage for each line of the second part - PPC Macs, coffee, keyboards, etc.

Episode 15 of Fun with Shell - this one will be a classic, Midnight Commander is a topic :-)

@solderpunk your last gopher post is "access denied" :-(

Healthy dinner at McDonald's done, heading home.

Episode 14 online and I'm still having fun making those videos

Following more people (and I emphasize the word PEOPLE) here on Mastodon than on Twitter (after 4 years).

Script with conditions works. Great, free day well spent. Korn shell is fun to use