Sammy Nestico - An American Treasure Made From Music - This episode is our gift to all of you as we drop this episode on Christmas day. Sammy Nestico is a 95-year old composer. His home genre is swing and all you have to do is hear him talk about music to get it.

Sammy has written and arranged music for dozens of TV shows. He's worked with Count Basie, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Barbara Streisand, Quincy Jones and dozens of other giants from the music industry.
Chad Cole is a writer and a U.S. Marine Corps veteran of the 3rd Battalion 1st Marines. 3/1 deployed in “Operation Peacemaker” to Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles. 3/1 deployed again during “Operation United Shield” in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Pete A Turner and Pete Koch get together with Chad to discuss his experiences and his book “The Dirty Little Wars.”

Deployment is tough
In those dirty little wars
Including LA
Joe Musselman comes from a long line of military warriors. Wanting to live up to the honor, Joe worked to become a SEAL. It wasn’t meant to be, Joe was tough enough, strong enough and for sure smart enough…but his challenge was to do something more, something impossible. Joe started the Honor Foundation, an industry-leading transition program for special operators.
Instead of simply getting SEALs their next job in the security arena, the Honor Foundation

Glen Banton – OSD, People, Process, and Problem Solving - Glen Banton is an entrepreneur and CEO of OSD (Operation Supply Drop) a non-profit veteran ecosystem designed to help and enhance the lives of all active and retired military personal.

Pete A. Turner and Glen Banton discuss the challenges of leading companies in the veteran service space. Also, they talk about what it takes to run a non-profit; the strength and mental agility the process.
Dr David Vacchi – Straight Talk for Veterans - Dr. David Vacchi joins Pete A Turner and Erik Kleinsmith. Coincidentally, both Dr Vacchi and Erik published books right before we recorded this episode. David is a powerful advocate for advanced education for veterans.

Pete, Erik and David share thoughts on culture, education, the Army and a variety of musings from their past. This episode is part hang session and book discussion, and we think you'll love it.
Chet Rohn is a WWII veteran who liberated Mauthausen and won at the Battle of the Bulge.
Matt Balaker - “A Comedian’s Story” Matt’s Book About Greg Giraldo - Matt Balaker is a comedian, writer and consultant. His most recent work is a book called “Greg Giraldo: A Comedians Story” ( ) a biography about a brilliant comedian, his work and the tragedy that ended his life early.

He couldn’t beat it
With us wanting more, he left
A genius of jokes

Wade Lightheart - Minds and Body Health, Optimizing Lifestyle - Pete A. Turner is joined by Wade Lightheart a 3-time all-natural bodybuilder champion, an adviser to the American Anti-Cancer Institute, Founder of the Prosperity & Health Alliance and Director of Education at Bioptimizers Nutrition Get 10% off by using the code "podcast10"

The guys get into a discussion about how important it is for men, especially above 40...
Herb Thompson – Follow Me! Green Beret Leading Fellows to Business - Herb Thompson is our kind of warrior. He's smart, fearless and confident. Now that he's retired from the Green Berets, he's several things: a consultant for Accenture, an ambassador for the Green Marine and founder of SF2Biz.

Pete A Turner hosts Herb in a conversation about what Green Berets actually do, how they survive and transition to the next thing. We've had a bunch of Green Berets on the show..
Marjorie K Eastman - Frontline Generation Stacks the Deck in Our Favor - Marjorie K Eastman is a speaker, author, warrior and leader. She's also a former intelligence officer in the US Army; making this an episode. Marjorie's book, Frontline Generation

Marjorie and Pete A Turner dig in and talk about commanding the complex military units that fight today's wars.

It’s Reggae and Soul
Singing his life’s diary
Oh, and we’ve got Wes

Chad Prather - Texas, Trucks, & Touring, On the Road with Steve - Chad THE MAN is a humorist and motivational speaker who talks life, politics and modern events and does that around the world. Chad and his road dog, Party Foul Steve met with co-hosts Pete A Turner and Scott Huesing. This episode was actually supposed to be recorded in Dallas.
We love Chad Prather
A modern day Will Rogers
We’re grateful for him

Matt Hoy – Making Music w/UB40 and New Album Touch

Matt Hoy – Making Music w/UB40 and New Album Touch -Matt Hoy a singer in a band that both new and old generations enjoy, UB40, yeah THE UB40. Matt's got a soulful voice and a personal style that recalls George Michael.
Co-Hosting with Pete A Turner is our great friend, THE WESONATOR,
It’s Reggae and Soul
Singing his life’s diary
Oh, and we’ve got Wes
Harold Brown - Qualified to Represent the LBC, Lowrider and War - We're celebrating episode 600, with our guest Harold Brown, the legendary drummer from the band War.
Pete A Turner and Jon Leon Guerrero spoke with Harold and discussed his life growing up in Long Beach, and the groups struggle to establish itself as an iconic band, hall of fame worthy band.
Holding the groove down
A Long Beach original
The World's Harold Brown
Today Producer and Co-Host, Scott Huesing. Scott is an Award Winning and Best Selling author. Pete A Turner and Scott sit down at El Rancho de Huesing to close season 6. Congratulations to everyone in the BIDS family, we've all made this happen together. A special shout to our big brothers, Jay Mohr and Hilliard Guess. without their support, none of this is possible; we are forever indebted.

Show 599
Human Connections, Power
Features Long Horn 6

Laird Hamilton is a, or maybe the, pioneer of big wave surfing. He is a bonafide waterman, who is the human who has come the closest to taming the motion of the ocean. He is also the subject of a new documentary by Rory Kennedy called Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton. The film chronicles his journey from growing up across the street from the North Shore to leading an ultra-fitness superfood revolution.
Richard Bronson - 70 Million Jobs, Creating Second Chances - Richard is the founder and CEO of 70 Million Jobs, a project helping former inmates return to normal everyday life. Richard was a partner at the infamous Wolf of Wall Street firm, Stratton Oakmont. Two months from Richard's release from prison, he realized he had nothing, no money, no place to live, no ability to get a job. Then he saw an opportunity.
Check Victor Davis Hanson -

Steve Taylor is a city council member in Upper Hutt, New Zealand. Here on the show, we're big fans of Upper Hutt for one simple reason, No, it's not the thriving craft brew industry, nor is it the Order of the Boar International Jousting's our friend and this episode's co-host Cat Conner.
Pete A Turner gives us wanderlust.
Steve plays double bass
Music equals leadership
Upper Hutt, NZ
Jeff Bosley is a former Green Beret operative turned Hollywood actor. Combining his previous work as an SF medic with, he aims to be the next Jack Reacher taking over the role from Tom Cruise.
He shares stories of his time serving and doing his fair share of stunts, going back and forth through the various experiences from both worlds and how they shaped him to be the star we all know and love.

Jeff The Almighty
Ex SF, now Hollywood
Reacher in real life

Don Vandergriff - Mission Command, Trusting Your People, To Win -Don Vandergriff is the author of the Mission Command
After nearly 600 episodes Don joins us to talk about his newest book in the Mission Command series that shows how you gotta make the right calls at the right time rather than trying to make multiple correct calls and it displays the difficulty bestowed onto the fine men serving.
Trust and enable
Mission Command unlocks wins
Be like Chik-Fil-A
Rory Kennedy is a documentary maker of the highest order. She tackles the most challenging stories from the life of her mother to the Abu-Gharib scandal. In her latest documentary, Above and Beyond: NASA's Journey to Tomorrow, her uncle's speech opens and closes the movie.

Hosts Jon Leon Guerrero and Pete A Turner explore with Rory how her approach to storytelling sets her apart.
A body of work
Telling stories for us all
Is a life well lived

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