TheCyberSmith and TheFamilyGuy have the same number of syllables

On this episode of Family Guy: Stewie is in his early twenties now and going to Pride. Meg cuts off all contact with Peter and Lois. It's a tough decision but she's happier for it. What was the name of the other kid? Who knows. Seth Green voices him so I'm really not looking to be reminded of his character. Brian is thankfully absent for effectively the entire episode and good riddance.

Any block of this account purely on the grounds that the show is not funny is valid and I stand by it because ultimately I do feel that it's at Larry's expense and I'm very much ok with that

Peter Griffin Kinnie has been banned. Zero tolerance policy on family guy

I apologize for referring to Rhode Island as the singular they/them, an honor which it does not deserve. Force of habit.

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Somewhere out there, one brave soul continues to update the tvtropes page for family guy

Rhode Island is not only the state where I learned what cracker barrel restaurants were, they also are the only place I've ever seen one. Multiple cracker barrels, actually. I have since come to understand that they are aptly named.

peter griffin kinnie is actually not someones bit account, its just a random person's first account

Remember when this show attempted to make up for its transphobic episode by having a really truscummy episode whose politics were outdated in like 1990? No, you don't, because as I said, nobody watches this show any more, it's not 2007

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Lois says I've changed and I believe she's right. Brian said something pretty transphobic episode before last and I slipped the writers a hundred to have his character killed off. It's fine. Nobody watches the show any more, I can pretty much do whatever I want.

This account is here to commemorate how much fun we all had when got banned. Wasn't that nice? Let's all remember to take a moment to be thankful that happened.

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