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Happy to join all of you on Mastodon!

Twitter is still my primary social media network, but I'll be cross-posting most of my tweets here using this handy Mastodon/Twitter Crossposter by @renatolond:

Glad to hear that, who has been contributing to the since the very beginning, is now covering press freedom threats fill-time! Be sure to reach out to her if you’re ever arrested/attacked/subpoenaed/stopped at the border.


I am wildly excited to announce that I have joined as its new full-time reporter! DM or email if you are a journalist, or know of one, who's rights have been violated in the course of your reporting.


It's good to see both San Francisco public defender and SF district attorney condemning the SFPD's recent raid on a journalist.

Deleting this tweet since the SF Public Defender’s Office has clarified that it does not support that police raid on Bryan Carmody.

In San Francisco, the public defender’s office is defending a controversial police raid on a journalist, while the district attorney’s office is criticizing the raid.

Here's a really good take from on a major difference between the seasons that were adapted from GRRM's books and the later seasons that were just written by Benioff & Weiss.

Tyrion got a copy of “A Song of Ice and Fire” and immediately looked to see if he was mentioned. That’s what they call the “Westeros read.”

Is it snowing in Kong’s Landing or is it just ash? I say snow, everyone else at this party says it’s just ash.

Dragon fruit (and cannoli dip) at ⁦⁩’s watch party

Elizabeth Warren, who once wrote a NYmag essay praising Daenerys, has changed her mind after what happened last episode: h/t

Trump’s threat to press freedom is also linked to his (tacit) support for authoritarian white nationalism. Trump’s war on nonwhite immigrants leads to ICE surveilling and targeting journalists (especially undocumented ones). This is different than just being rude to reporters.

The reason that Trump poses a threat to press freedom is not that he’s “rude to journalists.” He specifically incites violence against journalists, obstructs reporters’ attempts to report on himself and the White House, and targets journalists with leak prosecutions.

This is probably way too niche a joke but I want someone to make a video called "'Aguirre, the Wrath of God' By David Benioff & D.B. Weiss" that is just like the first few minutes of the film and then a sudden inexplicable cut to the climax.

So Trump just pardoned a businessman who had been convicted of fraud and obstruction of justice for looting his companies and then trying to hide the evidence.


A little more on Conrad Black's 2007 conviction:


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