Now that creeps have co-opted winking, the thumbs up, and the ok gesture, I’m almost totally unable to communicate with the outside world.

Still working on getting my first toot back so I can finally start using this website. A lot of rumors and innuendo around the fed and officeverse with some people even saying my first toot never existed and a few of our team have left to go work on those new Avatar movies (I wish them the best of luck), but when all is said and done, I think the toot will stand on its own.

Updates have been slow, but we’re still working with Interpol (the organization and members of the band) to get my stolen toot back. Have a pretty solid lead that people were heard quoting it in a cyber cafe in Salonica. Will toot it as soon as it's found.

Still working with the authorities to find my stolen toot. Heard a possibly unfounded rumor that it was sold on the dark web to agents of IHOP. It’s been a stressful couple of days, but I think we’ll get that toot back.

Been talking to the CIA and Geek Squad about my stolen toot all night. Apparently it was either Russian hackers taking the toot out of my unlocked car in Ralph’s parking lot, or more likely, what the CIA refers to as a “National Treasure-type situation.” Where it was stolen by treasure hunters because it had a hidden treasure map on the back.

Hey tooties, some bad news, apparently my first toot got stolen before I was able to post it. We’ve been in contact with the authorities and will keep everyone updated.

Dropping my first toot sometime today. The Toms Toot Team and I can’t wait for you guys to finally see it.

My first toot will be appearing very shortly on this tootline. Very proud of all the work my team and I have done on it so far.

Almost done writing my first toot. Keep a lookout for it on your instance, federators.

Still not sure what most of the words and buttons on this website mean.

Last week I sat next to my 70 year old neighbor, who is normally terrified of my small unmoving dog, in the laundromat and she was watching a video compilation of people getting run over by cars and trains on her phone.

Do you tooties know a mastodon app for ios that won’t steal my identity and toots?

Only going to look at myself through this face filter from now on.

Our most recent podcast we start start discussing Manifesto: Towards a Free Revolutionary Art, but not before recapping our run in with the mayor of NYC, and ranting about how useless celebs/politicians are. :wyd:

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