@pfefferle hi, I'm trying out out your ActivityPub wordpress plugin. I can't find an issue tracker so posting my issue/question here.

I can follow @tofeo aka @tofeo (who suggested the plugin) , but on my blog is hosted in a /blog/ URL arthur.lutz.im/blog/ So it would seem I can't follow that. Is there a hack or a setting to get this working ? Can I have a few apache rules to redirect the requests if they end up in the wrong place.

Kudos for writing such a plugin !

@arthurlutzim @tofeo It is not possible to support subfolder blogs. WebFinger (the spec behind the @username@domain.tld identifier) needs to be at the root of your domain arthur.lutz.im/.well-known/web and it is not possible to generate this URL with WordPress if it is in a subfolder. You can try to forwards the request from arthur.lutz.im/.well-known/web to arthur.lutz.im/blog/.well-know or you wait until I am finished with the AP plugin, that will also support URL identifiers.

@pfefferle @arthurlutzim

I desactivated ActivityPub for wordpress because I received too many many. Sometimes the same mail many times.

I had salmon , WebFinger , WebSub/PubSubHubbub, WebSub/PubSubHubbub and Mastodon embed and Mastodon Auto Share activated

I desactivated all what do you suggest only ActivityPub and what ?

I had only 3 post but old post from my blog published on mastodon but not the last post.

@tofeo @arthurlutzim I just fixed the bug with the E-Mail Spam and will release an update later today. I would suggest OStatus for now, the AP plugin is not really stable yet.

@pfefferle @arthurlutzim
What do you mean. Activate Ostatus and testing it with gnusocial ?


@tofeo @arthurlutzim yes, deactivate activitypub, activate ostatus and all the sub-plugins and use that setup for a few more days.

@pfefferle @arthurlutzim
OK Thank you for your advise. And thank you for your work. It is a wanted plugin by many people.

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