@pfefferle Great, thank you! I tried a few days ago and it didn't work yet, but now it does!

@pfefferle wait, are all WordPress sites federated now? Or do only a few whom installed a plugin?

@pfefferle unfortunately it's still PHP that I need to host for my own pixelfed instance. But I love the idea!

Only photo posts from federated appear on Pixelfed?


@noorul to be honest, I haven‘t tested postings... only following 🙄

@noorul @dansup should Pixelfed show all posts? With and without images?

@pfefferle @noorul Pixelfed will only show posts with an image or video attachment.

@dansup @noorul hmmm... there might still some problems... mastodon shows the posts... pixelfed not... mastodon.social/web/statuses/1 I will try to debug after my holidays...

@pfefferle @noorul Its a bug in Pixelfed, got it working on the staging instance!

Wish, Pixelfed support all type of posts from federation.

This enables us to move to Pixelfed rather being on other platform.

Maybe, I am wishing beyond
@dansup @pfefferle

@noorul Pixelfed is not Facebook, I recommend Hubzilla or Friendica if you want all types of posts.

@noorul @dansup but I understand the decision, because pixelfed is a media Plattform.

@noorul @dansup otherwise it simply would be yet another mastodon clone.

I am suggesting Pixelfed to post text.

Just show from federation.

Pixelfed is cool with GUI/UX

@pfefferle @dansup

@pfefferle @pfefferle
How does that work? Is it somehow federating through Wordpress' XML or PHP API or is there a plugin to introduce compatibility?
What about hubzilla @pixelfed :-) I would love to share on that platform

@pfefferle What do you mean by federated with Wordpress? Please explain?

@farhan you can follow a WordPress blog from pixelfed and WordPress is federating image posts with pixelfed users

Do you have a link? I'm curious how #WordPress would use a #federated instance.

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