I need help from someone who hosts a instance: I need some help to make the plugin compatible.

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@bekopharm hey @milan, I am the Developer of the plugin for . I have read, that has a whitelisting of activitypub instances. Can you perhaps whitelist my blog on your instance, so that I have a system I can test against?

@pfefferle ...but instances can follow already, its just that i control which domain my instance follows.. @bekopharm

@milan @bekopharm my plugin does not (yet) support following. It only enables others to follow the blog. Can you enable/follow

@milan is this a normal follow of an account and then it is whitelisted?

@pfefferle i have tried to add your domain to the list of followed instances. a user follow would not be affected by any kind of whitelist...

@milan this is weird... do you know what I have to provide to be able to be listed or why mastodon seems to be no problem to add?

@pfefferle if you want me to follow you as a user, give me a full id pls

@pfefferle hm... i may need a directlink to that user...

@milan OK, then I have to check the API doc again. thanks for your help so far!

@milan can you check one last account? "pfefferle @"

@pfefferle actually this kind of url would not even work with known users by the instance... since i guess that the global search option and index is only meant for videos (and disabled), i assume it only works username-only or as a directlink to a videochannel as in my example

@pfefferle i have raised the userlimit on the instance so you can test yourself a bit

@pfefferle As someone who hosts a PeerTube and a Wordpress blog with your plugin, I can maybe help too. Though I’m not sure what you want to do, since PeerTube accounts usually only follow other PeerTube accounts and the same is true for PeerTube servers. At most PT accounts are followed by accounts on other software, but your ActivityPub plugin does no following, so I also don’t see how e.g. commenting on pt videos would work.

I just tried following my wordpress server from my peertube server and that failed (it looks for a hidden account named peertube). I also tried following my wp author as a pt user, that also failed. Lots of log messages about Article not recognised as type followed by ‘response too long’ (no paging on the outbox collection?).

@gidi thanks for providing some help. my idea is, that it is possible to follow blogs, to see the videos on peertube and to share comments.

I use paging on the outbox and show only 10 items. you can also change the output to use note for every item instead of article.

I am confused, because I nearly completely use the mastodon syntax, so I am not sure, why mastodon does work.

@pfefferle ok, so there are some more tests I can do. Meanwhile this was an excerpt from the log when trying to follow my Wordpress author from PeerTube.

@gidi I think this helps! I will add some changes and come back to you

@pfefferle meanwhile, following a Mastodon account or Pleroma account from PeerTube was also not successful. It does find the account and sees all posts judging by the log, but just takes too long (so the search UI doesn’t show any results).

Changing the post format on Wordpress to Note wasn’t successful either, but I think peertube may be refusing to try again so soon, as there seems to be no logging.

As far as I know PeerTube servers following other servers expect the actor peertube. I believe they keep continuously exchanging info with their peers, like videos, views, refreshing accounts etc.

Peertube accounts can normally only follow channels of other accounts (not users) and the user’s actor object contains those channels. I’m surprised it does ‘something’ even if there are no such channels.

Some time ago I saw that the format for video posts peertube expects is very particular, very much Peertube-only. Whether that is still the case I don’t know. Something with the content text on the Video type post being in markdown and the video link in their format.

@gidi I tested following a account on peertube 3.0 and it seemed to work... I changed the outbox on my site a bit and added a shared inbox, perhaps you can try following pfefferle @ ?

@pfefferle I put your blog account in the search box, since it first needs to list the account (or actually its channels?) before I can click subscribe. Even though the search results are empty, a job is triggered to load your account. This fails with a timeout, see screenshot. I noticed that the job got rescheduled, so you’ll probably see it retrying a few times.

PeerTube can also load a single video post via the search interface. If you already have a url of such a video I can check whether it is recognised.

@gidi because peertube is the only Plattform that supports videos properly, I can optimize the video stream for pt for now

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