I need help from someone who hosts a instance: I need some help to make the plugin compatible.

@bekopharm hey @milan, I am the Developer of the plugin for . I have read, that has a whitelisting of activitypub instances. Can you perhaps whitelist my blog on your instance, so that I have a system I can test against?

@pfefferle ...but instances can follow tube.tchncs.de already, its just that i control which domain my instance follows.. @bekopharm


@milan @bekopharm my plugin does not (yet) support following. It only enables others to follow the blog. Can you enable/follow notiz.blog?

@milan is this a normal follow of an account and then it is whitelisted?

@pfefferle i have tried to add your domain to the list of followed instances. a user follow would not be affected by any kind of whitelist...

@milan this is weird... do you know what I have to provide to be able to be listed or why mastodon seems to be no problem to add?

@pfefferle if you want me to follow you as a user, give me a full id pls

@pfefferle hm... i may need a directlink to that user...

@milan OK, then I have to check the API doc again. thanks for your help so far!

@milan can you check one last account? "pfefferle @ ichmagdiesen.link"

@pfefferle actually this kind of url would not even work with known users by the instance... since i guess that the global search option and index is only meant for videos (and disabled), i assume it only works username-only or as a directlink to a videochannel as in my example

@pfefferle i have raised the userlimit on the instance so you can test yourself a bit

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