The teeth in my mouth are all like sexy houses.

dmd is now 100% open source and licensed under the Boost license. This could mean much greater adoption for the D programming language.

I've spent years learning D for fun, but avoided using it on any projects primarily because of how it was licensed.$1e

A 4-day retreat to explore Offline First development and design

@nobody we can even throw away the parens, braces and console.log :)

> const w = x => y => z => x+y+z
> w(1)(2)(3)

@isaacs that's pretty amazing. I've found this on amazon and it seems to have some pretty good reviews -- The next step after getting a good pair of these is to test drive them by making an amazing playlist and taking them into some a sensory deprivation chamber / isolation tank

Amsterdam sunset 🌅 last night. Spring must be here. It's 19:46 and there's still plenty of daylight.

I was searching for bone-conduction products and I came across this fascinating article about how banned western music in the Soviet Union was printed on repurposed X-Ray records --

Also, bone-conduction is really strange and interesting, there are a bunch of consumer products on the market that actually work --

@isaacs Your tweet got me here and i thought it was ok. Then i realized that you could toot up to 500 characters which i found pretty impressive, so i decided to write a long winded response to you that exceeded the 140 character limit of twitter.


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