RT @tesonep@twitter.com Pharo is not magic, just working hard. sprint. @estebanlm@twitter.com

RT @StOnSoftware@twitter.com On @exercism_io@twitter.com there is now a @pharoproject@twitter.com track. @iterex@twitter.com demo at

RT @girba@twitter.com At ⁦@maenuleu⁩@twitter.com shows gradual typing in using a modern looking theme.

RT @StOnSoftware@twitter.com Pooja Rani is doing some interesting research on comments in @pharoproject@twitter.com

RT @girba@twitter.com At ⁦@Chis_Andrei⁩@twitter.com exemplifies example-driven development using

RT @newmrd@twitter.com Beautiful 🇫🇷, Amazing , Hello world. @pharoproject@twitter.com

RT @StOnSoftware@twitter.com @girba@twitter.com gives a workshop in using Glamorous Toolkit. Creating my first live example

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