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RT A short screencast demonstrating Debugger Driven Development in

RT A sign that is becoming more popular: I'm getting reputation for pharo-related questions on StackOverflow :)

RT souvenir of in Lille.

Thx @pharoproject was super cool🕺🏻

RT My limited Pharo experience has been transformative. When you have runtime debugging workflows like they do OP's sentiment isn't so outlandish. I love types but we should be stealing like crazy from Smalltalk.

RT An Introduction to . Amazing blog post by Nikhil Pinnaparaju, one of our applicants. Nikhil describes his first experience with Pharo and provides a nice tutorial for beginners 😃

RT Data Analysis of UCI Heart Disease Dataset using . A blog post by Dhanya Sreekumar, one of our applicants, showing a nice example of using 😃

RT We are in the last 24 hours of submissions. Go go go!!!

RT Check out the new roadmap:

RT En menos de un mes comienza el en la plataforma Todos los videos estan subtitulados en castellano. No esperes más! Únete a nosotros: y comparte a tus allegados :

RT My first mobile cluster. 4 x using swarm and 100 images that organize themselves for distributed computing. Love it!

RT OpenPonk is an open conceptual modelling platform

RT is over. It was yet another fascination get-together of smart people. Thank you all for making such a nice event. rocks! Next stop in August!!

RT I took this course last year.

I highly recommend to check this MOOC course.
You will learn about pure object oriented programming and live environment.

RT We're super excited to announce the launch of our Pharo Smalltalk Track. You can check it out here:

RT Good news for Pharo IoT on Pharo Days 2019
- Install Raspbian + Pharo IoT in less than 10 min in Rasp Pi
- Run Pharo IoT IDE in less than 1 minute in Linux, Windows or Mac
- 1 click run files
- Booklet with many examples
- CI to automate

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