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RT , Day18, Captain's Log: The entire grammar decomposed into GrammarTraits of MOG rules ! The parser is assembled the same way using ASL. Why ?? Re-use parts of the grammar in your own projects and easily evolve your language, including itself!

Slides: Pharo IoT Installation Improvements and Continuous Integration:

RT You can found it in

RT , Day17, Captain's Log: msg-sends as a separate GrammarTrait ! Notice that <expression> here is a grammatical requirement, that can have different concrete implementations in different language compositions ! Just plug-n-play ;) with inside

RT My first small package based on is out! It implements multi-page wikis for use in documentation.

RT GitHub - dorellang/hunter: Hunter: a JavaScript reengineering platform based on Pharo

RT での ライブオブジェクトプログラミング、 があと1ヶ月で始まります。
の予告編をご覧ください。 @pharoproject全てのビデオは日本語字幕付きです。👍 登録は無料です
に参加しましょう :

RT New Mirage bug fix release 2.1.1 for :

RT Part 2 of Debugger Driven Development in

RT If you want to see how this looks in action - this screencast shows it in action from an AWS lambda function:

RT "Claiming that metaprogramming is a substitute for reflection is a position that only those without reflection are likely to embrace."
-- Gilad Bracha

RT Student application period of is officially over. Consortium received 15 project proposals from 14 different students. Great job everyone! Here are some statistics

RT OS virtualization (, , etc) started to use the concept of "image" and people got it. Linux containers, , etc continue that pattern and people still get it. Why is then so difficult for devs to understand what a image is?

RT How to debug an error in an AWS lambda function call?

In most programming languages: post-mortem, with lots of logging.

In Smalltalk: persist the execution context, download it, debug it locally. Magic! :-)

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