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RT Another offer. This time with in France.

RT For those who missed Pharo Day, here is a sneak peek of a Flag Browser I'll propose for integration in version 8.

RT Just hacked a Cyanide & Happiness (@Explosm) comics reader in programming language.
Using only built-in libraries (no XML-parser) for simplicity. The code stays quite small and simple anyway!

RT Oui 😉 est un langage pur, inspiré de TRES FACILE à apprendre : ça vous tente?
Le revient 👏 le 6 Mai @FunMooc vous :

RT Did you ever want to analyze your chat history? In his amazing blog posts, Atharva Khare will teach you how to load your messages into and analyze them with :

RT We've pushed it out.

RT Don’t assume you need a big solution just because you have a big problem. Even that big solution will be built one step at a time. Choose a feedback loop that also operates at the scale of those steps.

RT will start in 3 weeks Which profiles will you follow? Newbie 🐥, 🌐, 🎁, Magic 🔮 or Xpert 🌶?
➡️Registration : @Inria@twitter.com_Lille

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