Duck l’orangé - Hennessy, duck fat, orange vermouth and rosemary

slight spoiler for Us movie 

The line that stuck with me was “we are Americans”. The scariest part was the villain that was never seen or named.

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Saw Jordan Peele’s masterpiece Us last night. With out a doubt it not only hit the mark of quality of Get Out but imho solidified his work as markably better than Hitchcock.

Some theories state that the universe we live in is a simulation. I postulate that our universe is really just a software glitch in an otherwise pristine simulation.

It is lovely to see a new feature expose an 11 year old bug that has probably caused untold numbers of crashes.

Chelsea Manning does not deserve to be thrown in jail (again), and if we lived in a just world she'd be considered a national hero. I'm furious and you should be too
tomorrow i’m facing a sealed contempt hearing for refusing to testify at a secret grand jury over my 2010 disclosures


However as @millenomi astutely stated; they are perhaps some of the most lengthy ways to write abort

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In development compilers can be easily summed up in one line: abort();

fictional hot take 

Thanos was too nice.

food hot take 

Tortellini are Italian wontons

Some days I wonder how many issues would be solved by a zombie apocalypse 🤔

boost this and I'll assign you an rpg trinket* until I can't think of any more trinkets**

* a simple item lightly touched by mystery

**as above, but plural

Honestly, before the fediverse gets better, we need to learn how to talk to each other like fellow human beings.

Until we get that part down, the tech is irrelevant.

It's Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day in the States, so that usually means white people taking the man's legacy out of context in an effort to push oppressed people to forget the centuries of oppression and avoid accountability for their continued complicity.

Before you start posting a bunch of quotes to impress your friends, meditate on the meaning of his words and the action they inspire to this day.

And reflect if any part of your life honors what he stood for beyond copy and pasting.

Hi folks, my team at Apple is hiring. macOS and iOS Accessibility. That means VoiceOver, Switch Control, Accessibility Keyboard, and lots more. Ping me if you are interested. Unfortunately, no remote at the moment.

Haiku for the day: Can’t tell if raining or fog. Spring in San Francisco.

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