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I feel like custom TLD website names are such a great form of shitposting because you have to commit to buying a domain and hosting space for it. It reminds me of back when yourethemannowdog and getyourasstomars were just single-page websites. And I love the culture around using custom TLDs for Mastodon instances.

the "as long as it compiles, it's good enough" stage of programming exercises

Shenzhen I/O update: I have already progressed further than anyone on my Steam friends list, so I have only the global histograms to compare my program efficiency against. This one is “good enough.”

queer hacker culture is having no fewer than three different mixes of the prodigy's "voodoo people" saved to your zune

After being worn out by commissions I decided to put my all into drawing something for myself, and now I have a brand new OC, as well as a new design method for humanoid animal species
#MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource

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a Doom-themed Japanese noodle joint called Rippin' Teriyaki

case in point, this entire TIS-100 program takes in a three-digit number and spits out its digits individually:

in Exapunks the same program would look roughly like this:

Riding high on the success of beating Exapunks, I tried dusting off the TIS-100 and it's way too hard going back to register-based arithmetic. Stuff that requires entire blocks of code in TIS-100 is, like, a one-line command in Exapunks.

PHEW, STREAM OVER. Thanks to @phenokage, @Ferrovore, @BestGirlGrace, and @Balina for commissioning me! I'd like to make these streams a semi-regular thing, so stay tuned to this account for info on when the next one goes live!

....oh shit i guess none of these are technically nsfw so HEY HAVE A BUNCH OF COOL ART I DREW, PUBLIC TIMELINE

Also: printing out the game's manual was well worth the ink and paper I chewed through trying to get it right. 👍

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Just made it to the credits screen in Exapunks! My puzzle solutions started getting really sloppy by the end of it, but I'm already looking forward to diving back in for code optimizations and completing some of the bonus objectives.

There's two camps and it's the people who associate "Trip Like I Do" with the Crystal Method and the folks who associate it with Filter.

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