the host the instance runs on ran out of diskspace, and has a corrupt postgresql database. We are doing recoveries right now, but there may be an extended outage.

· · Web · 5 · 6 · 6 instance database recovery is done, seems to work. We're regenerating the home timelines, *then* will open the floodgates.

This may take several hours.


We've mostly recovered from the outage.

Looks like the last few actions before the server stopped responding were lost :flan_nooo:, but nothing else was.

The firehose is currently loading the Fediverse that happened. Toots and actions may arrive out of order.

Your normal Tooting schedule will resume at the toot.


#bsd #openbsd #freebsd #netbsd

@phessler Thank you for the work that you selflessly put into this instance. If I had the budget, I would donate. And if I had the time, I'd offer to help admin. But I have neither and I feel bad. :(

But, thank you for all you do.

@phessler disk space growth is kinda terrifying in mastodon.

my instance with one active user is already at like 10G. Keeping a watchful eye and setting up alerting.

Sorry y'all are having infra issues :(

I noticed that it was offline (/ inaccessible / not behaving like all was well) earlier today. I used to donate, but my liberapay account is no more; so, I no longer can. I echo the sentiments of others.. Thank you so much for your work on all fronts... =^)

@phessler is there a setting that will delete old toots, or anything else we can opt into to make this less difficult for you? Would a donation help?

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