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While searching for legal docs to bring to the Foriegner's Office tomorrow, I found my Divorce Certificate. Neat!

Now, I don't have to write back to The State of California for verification in case I decide getting married is less painful than ze German Bureaucracy.

@phessler Divorce Certificate?!? Wow. How many other things do I not know about you after all this time?

Anyways, I hope the foreigner's office will handle your request swiftly and without complications! If I can help you through this process in some way, let me know.

@stsp it's dated 2005, so it's been sorted for quite a long time.

I don't expect much difficulty. I'm just continuing where I've been, so that makes things easy.

@phessler Well but now I'm all curious about how you looked in a dashing suit when you got married 🙃 🎩 💐 (not necessarily assuming you were wearing one)

peter hessler - inactive

@stsp turns out, custom tailored tuxedos look great on me.

@phessler Maybe you should wear one to the foreigner's office!