I'm thinking about launching an instance, but would like to get some decent federation going before I open it up to subscribers. Is there a socially acceptable method for this?

Or should I just invite a few people, and ask them to import their follow list first?

there are a few hashtags (*BSD-releated) that I'd want to be semi-populated

I suppose this is the main reason why follow-bots exist :/

@zigg also, federation only follows the people that you and your local instance follows. so, if nobody on newinstance.example follows @AFresh1 then nobody there will see his hash-openbsd toots. :(

@phessler thats the reason I don't like small instances. Finding new people is very tough

@GeekDaddy yea, I want to attempt to address that before starting one

@phessler the only "mass solution" is follow bot. Which kinda annoys

@phessler There is no way of subscribing to a specific tag remotely...

@phessler best way is (i think) that you follow some of those and invite sellected people to progressively load your instance.

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