Happy New Year everyone!

May 2018 suck less than 2017.
(insert audience lafter here)

the will be placing these signs on some switches tonight, to ensure they are *NOT* removed.

Please don't "help" and unplug them.

still working on setting up the uplinks, so the has a hack to avoid phone teathering.

hello uplink! is announcing the IP space from the first PoP in Berlin.

The box on the bottom is an optical wave system to Leipzig.

Apparently the killjoys at Wikipedia have removed all source of enjoyment from the image caption, so let's keep the spirit alive!

Olrite, you have an hour and a half left to bid on the only 6.2 cd-set that will be made. All proceeds go to the OpenBSD Foundation.

Hand painted by Theo de Raadt himself!


Hugge presented about the new optical network he is managing in Sweden.

they use a 4G connection to get access to the routers, so they can be installed completely from remote, without any preconfiguration.

this allowed them to aave their engineer time during initial install, major outages, and upgrades/replacements.

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