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In my Home timeline I see that I can set "Hide boosts from XYZ" for users of remote instances, but not for those on my own instance. Is that only for remote accounts? My instance is running v2.1.3.

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If you are interested in the MELTDOWN/SPECTRE stuff the talk at Real World Crypto is being streamed live at 11:45 CET (GMT+1).

Welp, just saw the headline "10 Video Games That Mock You For Playing On Easy Mode".

Shouldn't that be worded "10 Devs That Don't Deserve a Penny Of Your Money"?

fun conspiracy about #meltdown/#spectre 

from birdsite:

"""Realized last night that the original embargo for the Meltdown/Spectre bugs, which was today, had to be chosen so Intel CEO Brian Krzanich could give his CES keynote last night without having to discuss them."""

Hey red teams & pen testers? What's the most frequently misconfigured common Unix component? PAM! You should learn PAM, because #sysadmins don't.

(h/t @mulander )

Hi all

I'm moving my main account to, so update your follow settings if you desire.

Are the standard documents for #WPA3 available? #OpenBSD has an interest in creating a not-shite implementation for our #wifi.

Looking to do a firmware update to install the #Meltdown microcode, but don't have Windows?

On #OpenBSD: pkg_add geteltorito; geteltorito -o bios.img firmware-update.iso; then dd bios.img onto a usb stick.

Words for the day:

Complex: inherently tricky. Heart surgery and rocket launches are complex; you have to get a lot of things right or none of it works. Antonym: simple.

Complicated: made needlessly baroque. A Rube Goldberg machine is a complicated solution to a simple problem. Antonym: elegant.

The hardest part of senior engineering is finding the elegant solution to complex problems. Anyone can find a complicated solution.

Apparently the VMware afd service failed to start, or started and immediately stopped, and it's the service every other vmware service depends on. So Windows just failed on starting almost every aspect of VMware center and gave up.

Let's all say it together: "My industry is a cesspool."

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and if you think the answer is "the embargo should have been longer!", then I have a hearty "FUCK YOU" to give.

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I'm currently super pissed off at #Intel/#Linux/#Microsoft.

So many of the shipping "fixes" for #Meltdown and #Spectre are causing noticeable problems such as "programs aren't starting" and "things take 30x longer".

I'm afraid this will kick off another round of "nobody should install updates!" We had *just* gotten out of that habit :/.

@phessler not only about finding a bug:
there is a far deeper message in there. The example the author shares is precisely what I was talking about: the mad need for performance pushing design into uncharted territories.

“What happens if we pull 128 bytes straight into L1 forgetting L2 coherence?” was never asked.

One of the possibile mitigations of OoO issues is a list of “known safe” insns but do we know if it is possible to compile it? Are the underlying uops safe?

If you have a 100Mbps cable connection and a 300GB data cap, you're only allowed to use it 8.3 hours per month. 50Mbps LTE and a 10GB cap? 33 minutes per month.

I've asked my senators to introduce legislation requiring ISPs to include how much time per month you're allowed to use their services at full speed in any advertising.

The best thing you as a user can do to protect yourself against #meltdown and #spectre is install an ad blocker. uBlock Origin, specifically.

Practice good security hygiene, and you’ll have less to worry about when the next threat comes along.

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