Question: if you went through this slide deck without any context, what would you be puzzled about? What's missing?

It's for a general audience, some of whom might be educators while others are sysadmins or PHP devs.

It's been a long time since I wrote a post on the blog, but the occasion deserves it. I have a new job! And one of our goals at @moodlenet is to make the world freer and less dependent on large corporations

Last year we grew some really nice pumpkins.
So we kept the seed to grow again this year.
But we also grow courgettes (zucchini). Apparently pumpkins and courgettes can cross pollinate.
Here's our courkin. (Pen for scale)

#FollowFriday #LearningTechnologist and #EdTech edition.

In the interest of connecting with fellow learning technologists (and related) and building a community here, I’m starting a list. Toot me if you’re a learning technologist on Mastodon and would like to be added. Boost for visibility? TY! ^_^


What I did over the last couple of weeks
* I got set up for a project on K12 Open Content Exchange,
* did a bit of semantic wordpress meets pressbooks, and
* got invited to a biohackathon.
* other bits and bobs with waterfalls and plastic penguins

(I was relieved that a biohackathon does not involve biohacking)

The US Library of Congress has been digitizing out-of-copyright video and films and is now releasing those materials on the National Screening Room:

Currently 287 items available, from documentaries to training films to travelogues to animated films to home movies to...

#LOC #films #video #copyright #publicdomain

If you are looking for #OpenEducation #OER materials, try the Mason OER Metafinder:

It searches lots of repositories at once, has a "sharable search" and an embeddable widget.

More info:

Looking for more sources of audio/visual material in #publicdomain or #CreativeCommons or licenses giving similar freedom for creative (re)use.
Other than the 'classics' wikimedia,, ccsearch, openclipart,, librivox, freemusicarchive, fontlibrary, freesound

Retoot to write a list together!

For the #OpenDesignCourse for refugees, starting on Monday.

TIL: not every guide on setting up a NFS to work through a firewall mentions that you may need to open the port used by mountd if you want to mount drives. (see )

Weeknotes s2e4: 9 September 2018. A week where the shortest, least interesting entries took the most time.

I have just found FRBR useful for learning resource description. Niche technical stuff Show more

Anyone else here interested in the union of education metadata and allotments?
s2e3: 2 September 2018. This week is mostly metadata, beans and turnips.

It's heartening to see this new (to me) project called TagTeam from the Berkman Center that invests in RSS/Atom syndication as a way of aggregating and analyzing web content.

I'm working on something - maybe a new talk - I'd like people to share horror stories about trying to apply for (public service) jobs..
Things like @puntofisso 's classic - or this from Beth Fox on the birdsite

Please boost for reach :)

What I've been up to this week. Mostly about OER Schema and farewell to the Learning registry. Pics not as good as last week.

What software do you add to your new laptop/computer first?

I've gone Chrome > Password Manager extension > Spotify > Ulysses ... what next?

18 August 2018: what I have been doing the last few weeks:
- discussing metadata,
- helping a little with a bid proposal,
- publishing with , and
- holiday photos (but no gifs, there will never be gifs).

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