I've been having fun telling friends about mastodon 🤓🤓 Here's an analogy I use to explain it: If you have an email address with gmail you can still email your friends who have a yahoo address, right? But twitter, facebook, snapchat, etc are different bc you can only reach ppl on the same service. Mastodon is open like email. Mastodon kinda looks like twitter but it's more open & less centralized--you can msg ppl across mastodon servers & you could even run your own mastodon server

I still kind of can't believe this place exists and every time I remember it does I get really happy

This must be what Twitter felt like in the old days. Weird and surprising and hard to explain to your friends

The waves advance and retreat in folding layers, currents stack the thermocline until tidal pressure builds up a blinding pang of light. The ocean shines from below as the manifold walltiger eyes blink, stare and focus on random patterns; pressure shifts and beings anew. The ocean is merely breathing at rest.

Okay the surprise Rick and Morty was great but the April Fools joke part was truly realized when TOM said the new episodes of Samurai Jack and Dragonball Super would be next week as a result. :l *sighs*

Basically just point me in the direction of people who are way smarter than I am

The reason why I think federation is fundamentally socialist is that it has the potential to radically shift the way communication is controlled, giving people the potential ability to manage online communications at an individual and community level.

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if you try to passive-aggressively fav something on Mastodon our servers will detect it and turn it into a genuine fav. our servers love you

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I made a powerpoint mock-up of a proposed "orientation" for new users when they first log in, similar to what lots of other sites have, and i figured that until it or something like it is implemented, the presentation itself could serve as a useful quick intro for new users:


Aphrilophobia: the fear of April Fools Day aka our shared reality.

*wakes up, checks App Store metrics*
Amaroq's userbase more than doubled since Thursday's Event™ 😳

I do like quiet, ad-free things in their early stages. Brings nostalgia for the old Internet. When exploring and learning was the goal and fun.

Alright, is there a howto document for setting up my own instance or anything like that to be had?

@puellavulnerata @datawench This concerns me as well. Instead of a plurality it seems to be a feedback loop reinforcing a duality.

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