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Boah! Die 70er sind zurück. Oder in dem Fall waren die nie weg! Was ne Zeitreise

Freebie! Huge mandala colouring page. Definitely one to print at bigger than A4 size if you want to colour the full thing. :)

Click through to the Patreon post for the full-size print-ready PDF.

The engineer looked at Death. "I am dead?"
"Then tell me, was there a plan?"
"Yes," said Death, "everyone has a destiny."
"Can I see?"
The engineer studied the plan. "This has been changed."
"Of course," said Death. "You changed."
The engineer smiled. "Of course."

Bitter defeat for Belgium in the #WorldCup semi-final is tempered by the fact that influential squad members will likely still be around in two years’ time for Euro glory in 2020.

Randomly found these at Target tonight and pretty much HAD to grab them! These are from the now defunct Jazwares 'Teen Titans Go!' Line that has been off the market for a while now since…

if you write a piece of music and you can’t imagine Larry Blackmon from Cameo dancing to it, then you should just fucking delete it

167,450 accounts
+9 in the last hour
+256 in the last day
+1,708 in the last week

Je suis déçu du non succès de ce tweet qui me fait trop rire.
RT − Hé nico, tu connais l'histoire de flic-floc la girafe ?
− Nan vas-y
− C'est Yann Arthus Bertrand qui passe en hélico au dessus du zoo et flic-floc la girafe
− Oh le con !


The 'I can't possibly keep wearing leggings under my dress' kit: shorts and bandelettes.

Maybe I'll be able to face the outdoors tomorrow.

The great thing about being a big company in the IT industry is that you can call your sales department “solution architects” and get prospective customers to pay you to listen to your sales pitch.

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