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No, THIS is punk. The Cramps Play a Mental Hospital, 1978.

RIP Cramps drummer Nick Knox.


Harry Otter. Which one is your fav?

* Origin: Twitter (

"Life at Leeds" on full volume during a satisfying hacking session - I like it ;-)

Hello Everyone! I am brand new to Mastodon, and I am very excited to meet new people here! I am kinda opinionated, but I am always willing to here the other side so long as you are not nasty or belligerent. To be honest I enjoy people with different opinions from mine. I am a H.P. Lovecraft fan. I enjoy benign, cryptic, and paranormal topics. My faith is important to me. I am also a HUGE privacy advocate. That's me in a nutshell

Bonjour tout le monde, réveil tôt encore aujourd'hui, entre le chat qui miaule aux premières lueurs du jour et le téléphone des voisins du dessus qui sonne à 6h45.
Résultat, je suis réveillé...
Aujourd'hui direction une grande ville pour une journée shopping avec une amie, on va se faire ikea et maison du monde entre autres. 🛒🏡💳

"A millionaire just sent a ball in a net.

Thousands of people making the minimum wage cheers his effort by shouting it through the windows.

Explain me"

Yeah... that... #WorldCup

This game was REALLY entertaining!
Portugal vs Spain

Moscow Officials Deny Accusations Of Money Laundering After World Cup Game Played In $1.2 Billion Vacant Gravel Lot #vol54issue24 #worldcup #world #news

As the #WorldCup gets underway in Russia, all eyes will be on the world's biggest soccer stars for the next month.…

The YouTube adpocolpyse circle:

1. Someone finds a conspiracy video that made $7 in ad revenue last year
2. A major publication blows it out of proportion because CLICKS
3. Companies pull out of YouTube ads
4. Your favorite YouTuber has to beg for money on Patreon to make rent