I will be in Kathmandu tomorrow evening and Saturday morning. Anyone in this universe wants to meet up?

Well well well!!! Till 12 hours ago I was supposed to go to Delhi for a wedding and now I am taking a major detour to the kingdom of Himalayas!! Life does throw unexpected turns when you least expect it ...

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For those of you you who are worried about India blocking mstdn.social

You can always download the #TOR browser on torproject.org for better privacy. This also allows you to browse .onion addresses

For that reason we also have a TOR .onion address on mstdn.social 😄 There's only a catch, you MUST use HTTP instead of HTTPS. Be sure to replace this manually in the address bar


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A university can still teach the young of this country how to stand up for their rights. At a time when the whole education system has been sold and privatised, we still dream about what it means to have education for all. This is our tribute to the generations that made this university. Fee hike cannot and will not be accepted.

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I'm a computer programmer, community organiser and digital rights activist based in Bangalore, India.

Growing up as a lonely, bullied kid in the 90s, I found solace in books, computers, and later, the online world. In my quest to find belonging, never quite fulfilled, I've been involved with various communities over the year. A biography in toots:

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In a normal world, 100 days usually benchmarked a film's run and success. But in this dystopian world, it is the Kashmir lockdown.


I am an Engineer working in the mobility space. I will mostly toot on technology, books, rants, mental health and other stuff that I find relevant.
Fun fact I am a Nepali , Living in Bangalore and can converse in almost 6 languages :)

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