"It’s really an uphill battle to get security privacy and anonymity with your modern mobile cell phone, it’s more of a best-effort approach to privacy and anonymity. I'm using a secure messaging app like signal but I acknowledge that if I’m using an iPhone, Apple, my network provider, can control my phone if they really want to and that’s the same for all other major operating systems and networks like Android, Windows, etc."

"So how do you protect yourself in a world of relentless surveillance? This seems like a good time to go back to the basics and understand what privacy is and why we seek it. Privacy matters because privacy is about human information. We know now that human information confers power over human beings. People think privacy is about hiding dark secrets, and that those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear." phonekite.com/press%20review/2

As consumers in today’s digital world, we’re used to giving away huge amounts of personal data. In theory, much of these data are intended to help firms provide better, more personalized service. But as customers become increasingly aware of the risks of their information being stolen by hackers or misused or sold to third parties, they’re looking for stronger privacy protections.

The root idea behind data sovereignty is simple, as we move into a more digitally focused age it is becoming imperative that you take more control of your online presence. Everyone’s situation is different and if you haven’t taken digital privacy seriously before it takes a little while to adjust your habits. There are some steps even the non-technical can take that vastly improve your overall privacy online.


Apple se targue d’être le champion du respect de la vie privée avec ses iPhone. Seulement, une enquête du Washington Post démontre au contraire que le téléphone intelligent à la pomme partage énormément de nos informations personnelles. C’est devenu le cheval de bataille publicitaire d’Apple: le respect de la vie privée. Ces annonces seraient-elles mensongères? Suite à l'enquête, on peut effectivement se poser la question.


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For all the FOSS/linux enthusiasts out there. What smartphone os do you currently use?

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When pointing out the importance of privacy, a common rebuttal is "Well, I don't have anything to hide, so I don't care". This is a very grave misunderstanding. You do have something to hide. Something very important. Your soul. phonekite.com/press%20review/2


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