Beginner's question: Thanks to I don't need separate accounts for , , and others. I can use all ActivityPub connected platforms with one account (e.g. my Mastodon instance). Especially when using a multi-client like . Is that correct?

@photonic I'm kinda new too,
but I thought it meant that you can interact with any person in that social network, regarding the instance they are using. I didn't know it would be possible to do the same with different platforms. IF someone explains it better, and I am wrong, happy to hear about it and learn in the process :)

maybe @dansup can give some explanation, since he's building . What happens if I mention someone from a pixelfed instance on mastodon, e.g. Is that some kind of ?


thanks for the help. So what is the difference then between different platforms from a user's perspective? Just the layout of the postings (oversimplified)?
@archehandoro @dansup @fedilab

@photonic @kasun @archehandoro @fedilab Hello, the difference between Mastodon and Pixelfed is that the former is microblogging focused and the latter is photo/video focused. If you sign up on Pixelfed, you can't post text-only statuses like on Mastodon but you can follow Mastodon users and vice-versa.

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