Tech-bro culture expands unless it is actively resisted.

And yet, the people most effective at resisting/countering tech-bro culture are ... people who present as tech-bros, but aren't.

So, MEN, if you don't want your workplace to turn into a tech-bro club, (or want it to be less of one), you have to stop letting the tech-bro miasma roll over you.

So you, enlightened, progressive men, yes, YOU, have to take the stand. Modulo your own health.

But THIS: bros won't listen to anyone but you.

It's a basic tenet of tribalism: tribe members only regard other
members as fully human. If you're not in the tribe, your opinion/ideas just don't matter as much. So tribe-breaking has to come from within the tribe -- or from an authority that disbands the tribe through force.

@photopuck there's a good deal of truth in this, but at the same time i think you may be making a slight category error in thinking that men who do not actively tech bro can easily present as men who do. there are surface signifiers, but much of the actual presentation is subtly behavioral in ways that transcend beard, flannel, laptop, hoodie, craft beer, etc.

@photopuck which is mostly to say: i may look like a person who thinks working for startups is a good idea, i may even have worked at startups, but there is no easy feigning of "giving a shit about bitcoin" and "thinking CEOs are a defensible category of entity".

@brennen Fair enough in the details. Still, visibly rocking the testosterone is, in general terms, the primary signifier for presumed membership the bro club.

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