We acknowledge that most of our clients are small & medium enterprises and the situation with impacts their businesses.
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🚀 On version 3.5.2 released you will notice that it is easier for the admin to navigate between different statistics pages of a specific campaign, particularly bounce records that all of us love 🙄
For the full list of changes you can check:


🚀 A Release Candidate for phpList 3.5.2 is available for testing. Download, install and help test the latest version prior to the final release.


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👩‍💻 You can have a look at the phpList demo installation ➡️ demo.phplist.org/
👩‍💻 You can register for a free plan at the hosted service and send up to 300 messages ➡️ phplist.com/register

📱📧 Did you know that most emails are viewed on mobile email clients? With a responsive template design, you can make your campaigns displayed properly on most screens.

🎨 With a little "CSS magic" you can increase your Open & Click Rate.

For day, we wrote a Love Letter to Free Software. ❤️

You can have a look at the hand-written version on the picture below, or read a less cheesy version of it on the blog. Check here:

Are you afraid that your E-mail campaigns will end up on your subscribers' spam folder? 🗑 Avoid subject lines that:

📌 are needy (ex: act now, share, follow)
📌 look cheap (ex: 90%, fast money, earn cash)
📌 look manipulative (ex: important info, urgent, delete immediately)

📖 Schedule your campaigns just like you would schedule your day.

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🚀 3.5.0 is out! On this release, you will find usability improvements and functionality enhancements. Upgrade to the latest version with the Automatic Updater or manually.
🗒 For the full list of changes, check:

📌 Brief but concise subject lines
📌 Easy to unsubscribe
📌 “Sharp looking” template designs
📌 Testing everything before queuing a campaign

These are just a few tips on how to get the most out of your campaigns. Check below 👇


3.5.0 Release Candidate is ready for testing. Check the latest RC, test what's included on this release and give your feedback on the community forum before the final release.


Did you know that the 1st release of was 20 years ago? ⏳

Yes, we've been delivering messages with the power of since 2000!

[screenshot below from discuss.phplist.org]

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Deliver your message with the power of open source.

is a stand-alone solution that can also be integrated into other systems, & applications. phpList 3.4.0 and later includes a REST API which, when enabled, allows other software systems to interact with it in a variety of ways.

👉 phplist.org/manual/books/phpli

ℹ️ Now is on Patreon seeking for your support in order to develop the software further & enhance the current version. Make an one-time or monthly donation to phpList. Why do so? Check below:


📍Email marketing management
📍Dynamic content
📍Reporting/ Analytics
📍Subscriber management
📍List segmentation
📍Multiple admins
📍Mobile optimized emails
📍Template management
📍 compliance

and many more features comes packed with

3.4.9 is now out 🚀 This version features 6 changes on phpList3, fixes & improvements and updated dependencies for phpList4 modules. For the full list of changes, check the release notes:


⬆️ A Release Candidate for phpList 3.4.9 is available for testing. This RC includes fixes, improvements to the subscriber’s profile and important dependency updates. Read the full list of changes you can help testing.


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