Admin, API, bounces, CSV, click rate, list, open rate, opt-out, permission, phishing, queue, etc.

You can find the definition of these & many more other terms at the glossary. Check out the full registry of terms: ⬇️

👤 A subscriber is someone who is a member of one or more of your lists. They may have subscribed though a subscribe page, or you may have imported their details.


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Keep your subscribers' data safe and use them only to send personalised content! No 3rd parties involved.

We are excited to announce the launch of our new program, 'Free for Open Source'. Because we believe that we are part of the Open Source community we are offering our paid-for Hosted Service for FREE to Open Source projects & companies.

Keep your subscribers' data safe and use them only to send personalised content! No 3rd parties involved. 🔐

🚀 phpList 3.5.7 is out and ready for installation. You can update your phpList installation using the Automatic Updater, or you can download it directly from SourceForge.

📍 Brief but concise subject lines
📍 Easy to unsubscribe
📍 “Sharp looking” template designs
📍 Testing everything before queuing a campaign

These are only a few tips on how to get the most out of your campaigns. Check below ⬇️

Wrap your newsletter campaigns within branded templates and make them stand out. Use your own colour scheme, fonts and imagery. ⬇️

✂️ Group your subscribers based on different traits and send them the content tailored specifically for them.
Have a look at how List Segmentation works:

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📧 It turns out that the most popular digital communication medium is Email. Unlike social media, customer conversion rates are quite higher via Email promo campaigns.

Are you considering giving a try?
👩‍💻 You can have a look at the phpList demo installation ➡️
👩‍💻 You can register for a free plan at the hosted service and send up to 300 messages ➡️

📱📧 Did you know that most emails are viewed on mobile email clients? With a responsive template design, you can make your campaigns displayed properly on most screens.

🎨 With a little "CSS magic" you can increase your Open & Click Rate.

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