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You can submit a public review about your favourite email marketing product and help raise the use of OS products for businesses.

Currently on Trustpilot, G2, Capterra, SourceForge StackShare.

🌎 Support free software by donating today. Help phpList the most popular open source email marketing tool get further developed and get a copy of it back to you!

Deliver your message with the power of open source.

is a stand-alone solution that can also be integrated into other systems, & applications. phpList 3.4.0 and later includes a REST API which, when enabled, allows other software systems to interact with it in a variety of ways.


ℹ️ Now is on Patreon seeking for your support in order to develop the software further & enhance the current version. Make an one-time or monthly donation to phpList. Why do so? Check below:

📍Email marketing management
📍Dynamic content
📍Reporting/ Analytics
📍Subscriber management
📍List segmentation
📍Multiple admins
📍Mobile optimized emails
📍Template management
📍 compliance

and many more features comes packed with

3.4.9 is now out 🚀 This version features 6 changes on phpList3, fixes & improvements and updated dependencies for phpList4 modules. For the full list of changes, check the release notes:

Are you facing a problem during the phpList installation or configuration? Join the phpList Discourse community forum which counts hundreds of members and see if people faced the same problem in the past. If not, you can always create a new thread 😁

Join at

⬆️ A Release Candidate for phpList 3.4.9 is available for testing. This RC includes fixes, improvements to the subscriber’s profile and important dependency updates. Read the full list of changes you can help testing.

Are you considering switching to Open Source e-mail marketing? Check how and why Open Source Ecology did it. 🌿

📌 To this day, phpList has been fully or partially translated in 34 languages by Open Source volunteers around the world!
📌 Join the phpList localisation team and bring phpList in your language.
📌Join at:

Would like to keep track on the latest updates from the phpList 3 repo on Github? Star the ‘phplist3’ repo and locate it faster next time at

➡️ ⬅️

phpList 3.4.8 has been released featuring changes to PHPMailer. Start using PHPMailer 6 with a simple command added to your config file. Update your installation today.
For the full list of changes check the Release Notes:

A new Release Candidate is out for testing. On this version support for PHPlistMailer 6 is added, therefore you have the option to choose between PHPlistMailer 5 and PHPlistMailer 6. Upgrade to 3.4.8 RC, test it and let us know on your findings.

Meet phpList's updated brand: revamped logo, new colour palette, fonts, and imagery. Our Design Lead Rudolf Burgaj guides you through the changes. 🎨

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This leaving gift, hand delivered from @phpList's Tirana office via Vienna, was an emotional surprise: a "New Challenge Survival Kit". I don't know how you put it together, but thank you Suela, Rudolf, Mariana, Xhes, and Brunilda. I shall treasure it!

Are you considering to switch to for your newsletter campaigns? There is a demo installation for you to check and see how phpList meets your needs.
Visit and check all features the latest phpList version offers. 📩

Focus on the customer (not the product), use hero images, use a sender name (not just address)…
Read the guide on increasing campaign engagement for these and other content crafting tips:

Make your phpList newsletter sign-up pages your own, with custom logo, branding, or completely original design. Read the guide:
Or watch the @FlossSchool video tutorial:

is here, providing rewards for Open Source Hackers! phpList is a great place to start: find a variety of quick-fix coding challenges which use the 'Hacktoberfest' issue label on Github. 15 Days left to submit a PR -- get hacking 👩‍💻👨‍💻

phpList 3.4.7 has been released with sharper looking data display, more compliant spreadsheet handling, easier news feed access, and a fix for dropdown menus. Upgrade today 🆕

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