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Wrap your newsletter campaigns within branded templates and make them stand out. Use your own colour scheme, fonts and imagery. ⬇️

phpList 3.5.6 is out including a Reply-To header for your campaigns, enhancements to campaign forwarding and more usability & functionality improvements. ⚙️

🗒 Full list of changes:

How to create a Subscribe Page that matches your website's branding style ✍️

by @WritingDRight

Check out the phpList repositories on GitHub! This is where all the magic happens... 😎
A Release Candidate is coming within a few days!

In order to ensure maximum citizen data protection, public agencies shall comply with national and international mandatory privacy regulations.

We welcome the decision from the ECJ because with this decision Open Source Software gains more and more ground. 🇪🇺

Create your own template with your brand's identity elements and wrap your newsletter content with it.

✂️ Group your subscribers based on different traits and send them the content tailored specifically for them.
Have a look at how List Segmentation works:

This is your time to shine! How about to give (feed)back to the community by sharing your phpList experience with a blogpost or a post at the community forum? ✍️
Not sure what to write about or how to write it? Check this:

🚀 A new version of phpList is here! This release includes several security fixes & 5 other changes that fix other bugs or help improve usability and functionality.
📝 Have a look at the release notes:

Among marketers has been long discussed around the effectiveness of email marketing & social media posts in digital marketing. Email sending is more reliable and stable because you have your own audience, your own platform & you don't rely on 3rd parties. ⬇️

🖼 Your 'Subscribe page' is the page where your website visitors land when entering their email address in order to receive your newsletter. For a better experience, create a subscribe page that matches your website design

Attributes are used for any other data you want to add to the system about your subscribers, usually demographic information. They can be used to connect to your subscribers more directly. A few examples are:
🆔 Name
🔢 Age
👤 Gender
🏙 City
Check this: 📖

✅ Develop
✅ Test
✅ Provide feedback
✅ Share useful resources
✅ Share your success story

These are only a few ideas on what you can do once you join the phpList online community forum. Currently counting 5,752 members. Join us at

Using phpList for compliance with the GDPR: This chapter provides an overview of features & functionalities of phpList implemented for admins seeking to be compliant with the GDPR. 🇪🇺
Protect your organization and your subscribers' data! 👉

🏗 Scale up your phpList installation by installing additional plugins. Have a look at the full list of available plugins ➡️

A new Release Candidate is ready for testing! 🚀 This release includes additional security enhancements to avoid abuse from an authenticated user.

Install phpList 3.5.5 RC and help test the latest additions before the final release.

Still not comfortable with the idea of switching to the hosted service? With the $1 plan, you can:
📧 send 9000 messages
👩‍💻 to up to 3000 subscribers
📚 all PLUS features included
☎️full access to paid support for only 1$ per month

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