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⚙️ A new release candidate is available for testing for the upcoming version 3.6.2! Help us test the latest version and give your feedback here:

🥇 What are some of the key elements that will make your email marketing campaigns successful & effective?

📑 New to email marketing? Check out the glossary and find out what are some of the most commonly used terms in your phpList account.

🎯 Increase the impact of your email marketing by targeting the right list of subscribers & send relevant content. List segmentation leads fewer unsubscribes & improves customer loyalty over time:

Receive monthly phpList updates in your inbox. Newsletter topics include:
📍 New releases
📍 Community news
📍 Contributors' hall of fame

A new version for phpList is now ready for download, introducing several changes.

Version 3.6.1 includes improvements for short URLs & PHP 8, minor changes for security enhancements and better documentation.

A Release Candidate for the upcoming phpList 3.6.1 is now available for testing. Have a look at the full list of changes:

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No email marketer wants to be accused of sending spam. But if you aren’t careful to avoid spam traps, you can end up getting blacklisted.

Check out what spam traps are and how to avoid them:

phpList 3.6.0 is now available for download, including feature and functionality enhancements.

Get your copy of the latest phpList version from SourceForge.

phpList 3.6.0 is ready for testing! Help test the latest development version prior to the final release and share your feedback:

Wrap your newsletter campaigns within branded templates and make them stand out. Use your own color scheme, fonts, and imagery. 🎨

phpList 3.5.9 is ready for download!
🆕 Now, phpList will be able to detect if the file you are about to import is using any other delimiter other than tab & use that instead. More changes for this release:

The updater gives you an easy way to upgrade your installation via a web interface. In just four steps you can update your installation to the latest release. 🆕

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We are happy to announce that Ltd received the Best Email Marketing Platform 2020 award by SME News! 🥇

A great "Thank you" to everyone who values our efforts & to all Open Source contributors who have helped develop, test & maintain phpList! 🎉

According to statistics provided by SourceForge only in November 2020 phpList was downloaded 2,815 times. 🚀

Now that you have sent your first campaign, it's time to take a look at your campaign statistics. Sent, Rate Bounces, Forwards & Views are the 4 most fundamental campaign statistics. 📊

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