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New cause a lot changed:

I'm an hacker and propagandist, my life goal is
bootstrapping socialist production.

Not homeless anymore since Aug 2021. :)

Got a part-time, part- job and joined the .

Too many projects. The latest are for and a secure service for lefties.

Also got a webthing with , a graphical realtime
sysmon and sometimes dabble with .

Postgender and abuse survivor with mh issues – I might talk about that.

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Death To All Dictators!

piece officially released – as always with the source to enable easy remixing.

Feel free to use this in all of your anti- propaganda efforts!

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Oh look, it's a brand spanking new anarchodiscordian dump from me – that weirdo on the internet!

7 new pieces of yummy for your desktops, your walls, *other peoples' walls* – the possibilities are endless (at zombocom)!

As always including sources because . ☭

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I'd just like to interject for a moment.

What you’re referring to as , is in fact, Microsoft® GitHub, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, those bastards who still support .

GitHub is not a system of oppression unto itself, but rather another controlled component of a fully oppressive capitalist system made useful by tireless lobbying, shell companies and rotting essential infrastructure comprising a fully oppressive system as envisioned by our glorious leader, AYN RAND.

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Software was a mistake.
Computers were a mistake.
Technology was a mistake.
Humans were a mistake.

I wish I was a squirrel. 🐿️

IMDb API subscription fees:

Essential Metadata: $150,000 for 12 months + metered costs

Box Office Mojo: $400,000 for 12 months + metered costs

Ratings: $50,000 for 12 months + metered costs

Wow, fuck IMDb.

Mhh, I need to come up with a name for the tool collection I've begun building up…

I also matched what hand does an input with what hand will do an action in-game, at least as much as possible – tapping the magazine (needed to clear gun failures) is on right analog stick press because the left side of the controller has nothing left over to assign…

racking the gun slide is dpad-down (matching motion direction, too), fire mode / safety is X (i.e. left button) so it's the same finger doing a similar motion in a similar position, too.

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weapon control:
m + kb: 3 mouse buttons, wheel, 3 keys, total 7 inputs

pad: 2 triggers, 5 buttons, 1 analog stick press, total 8 inputs

m + kb: mouse look, wheel, 9 keys, total 11 inputs

pad: 2 analog sticks, 1 stick press, 1 shoulder button, total 4 inputs

Interesting how the same goal (making things properly controllable without having to take your fingers off run/look) leads to opposite trends in the number of inputs…

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I don't think this would be doable *at all* if it wasn't feasible to have like 80% of the movement system just use the jump and stance buttons and determine what to do by context and use this to enable emergent move combos. :F

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i think I figured out input mappings to accommodate the complex movement and weapon control systems I have planned for both keyboard and gamepad.

Was a bit puzzled where to put leaning on the controller, but found a good-ish solution by combining it with the analog stance control…

I even still have 2 controller buttons left as a little buffer, just in case. :)

Wake up around midnight.

Put on some frenchcore.

Neighbors gotta love me. 👌

Hey, whaddaya know, this laptop can apparently cope with the boids prototype and recordmydesktop running at the same time… :thinkhappy:

//cc @JanaMarie

I also implemented a "goal" force.

You can pick a node in the editor and the boid will try to move thereabouts.

And if you pick the Player node as goal, the boidfish will follow and orbit you. :3

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So, I implemented alignment and fixed separation for my boids.

Works pretty well. I haven't made any provisions in the code for realistic flight tho, and it was kinda striking how much the behavior looked like fish without this.

So, I couldn't resist and *had* to build a fish trap to see if it works – and it does!

`intersect_shape` to get semantic info on what's in a boids surroundings then an optional `collide_shape` to get non-boid obstacles and `intersect_ray` to get the exact direction and distance.

i.e. no weird iterating over some list of all instanced boids to necessitate some hacky spatial partioning scheme to optimize iterations – boids just sense their neighbors and that's it. 👌

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boids! They actually woik!

I haven't implemented direction aligning yet, but I have noticed two things:

1) No alignment is a great way to get behavior that looks like a piranha swarm in a feeding frenzy once a critical mass of boids is in a group.

2) Spontaneous order can still emerge as demonstrated by the smaller group which settled into a slowly rotating equilateral triangle.

//cc @JanaMarie

Rabbit Junk – BEAST

This is your periodic reminder that are making truly amazing pay-what-you-want music for all you cybrepunks out there.

K-orse & Basshound – Purple Crystals (Frithy Remix)

Not sure if this is , or , but the full compilation is pay what you want and a definite recommendation. 👌

Moin! Kennt evtl. jemand einen guten Anwalt für Sozialrecht (Paragraph 35 SGB VIII) in S.-H. oder HH, oder kann mir einen empfehlen? Ich brauche dringend einen Proxy für die Kommunikation mit dem Jugendamt. Bitte gerne teilen. #askfedivers #AutismusBubble

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