Hi! I'm K4.
I took up hobby gardening and amateur botany as a way to put my open-source software job down sometimes... until I noticed that those things could go together in new and interesting ways. I've been building an open, highly-queryable plant/growing database that anyone can edit or help curate. Nothing really to show off yet (I'm up to my eyeballs in initial data imports rn), but there is a blog up at blog.plantdata.io with project updates.

/me waves enthusiastically


@K4_713 What sort of data does it contain? Nutrient and light needs per species via API would be *spectacular* for automated hydroponics.

@phryk Funny enough, writing a few APIs for automated systems was something I've had in mind from the beginning. My current thinking about what specific data I want to keep, for both humans and machines, is on this trello board: trello.com/b/PhjXjlQg/data-mod

Let me know if there's anything that would be helpful to have, that I missed. One great thing about the system I'm using (wikibase) is that it's incredibly flexible when it comes to adding new data associations.

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