Anybody got some cool, open-source grotesk fonts with a cybre flair to recommend?

PS: Not talking about run-of-the-mill monospace fonts.

@phryk Hmm. When you say "cybre" + "grotesk" + "open-source" my mind jumps to Inconsolata, which is definitely a monospace font, but not what I'd consider a "run-of-the-mill" one.

Otherwise: maybe Terminal Grotesque?

@trwnh Both are beaten by Source Code Pro IMO, but even Source Code Pro is still not cybre enough for me…

I'm guessing I won't get around using a geometric typeface.

Currently using Orbitron, but I'd like something a little more… subtle, I guess?

Maybe something inspired by Futura, but I haven't seen any amazing FOSS fonts based on it…

Almost considering going back to using artwiz , but nowadays my eyes are way too shitty for something that tiny… :P

// cc @elektroll

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