Night 2 Survived.

I wonder when the point arrives that some hobo gang beats the shit out of me for sleeping in the wrong spot.

Heard their local factions recently got a lot more territorial…

Also putting up your tent is illegal everywhere that isn't your private land or a designated camping site – both of which I can't afford of course.

Additionally, I'd like to put forth a personal FUCK YOU to every middle-class leftist in Germany.

You assholes made sure that 1.5 million new people came to Germany and after that you didn't give a single fuck about what happened to them.

Now, nearly a third of them are homeless – we have almost twice as many homeless refugees (440k) than we had homeless people in total in 2012 (280k).

Overall, homelessness in Germany more than TRIPLED since 2012.


But what the fuck do you care, it's not like you have to bear the consequences of your behavior – that burden falls on the poor and the refugees.

And if the poor dare speak out against your bullshit, you label them xenophobes or nazis.

You are hypocritical feelgood wannabe rebels and the world would be better off without you.

Fuck you very much, peace out.

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