BSD on desktop people. Why do you prefer using BSD on your desktop or laptop? I tried this but outside of a VM hardware compatibility was horrific and UI tools where less then elegant. Is there something I am missing?

@mholiv I started using FreeBSD on all my machines to force myself to learn it.

I have come to appreciate its simplicity, good handbook and the ease with which you can create your own automatically updated package repository.

SIGINFO and zfs are cool, too.

Also, I don't have to deal with systemd.

That said, yes, BSD definitely lags behind linux concerning things like drivers, kms and wayland.

But as I'm too poor for new fancy hardware, this isn't much of a problem for me. :P


@mholiv Not sure what UI tools you're talking about, tho.

You'll have to choose your desktop environment yourself. I'm still just using X11 with awesome, just as I was way back when I used gentoo, so I'm not experiencing any UI downgrade.^^

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