Played a bit with this idea, but not really getting to a state that satisfies me…

@phryk I would remove the seam, it is a bit distracting and if you are not up close, you cant see it. I would also replace the Shadow of the star with either nothing (cleaner is better) or with fancy gradient e.g. like this:

@mowoe But all those elements have semantic meaning. Also, fuck gradients, they are *so* 2008. :P

@phryk I know, but I think looks are here more important, than meaning /o\, and gradients maybe from 2008 but they are friggin good. Or dont use a gradient at all, without it, i think it would look good too. If you want to keep the meaning, add a needle or something, that resembles the seam. Additionally I think it is in the wrong place (?)


@mowoe No, it connects the yellow star outline (people) and the green star (nature) – without that connection, everything comes apart.

If I want to prioritize looks over meaning, I'll go into impressionism – been there, done that, not interesting. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@phryk Remove shadow, make green more contrast, now it looks like almost the same color with a shadow in it and i didnt even see the color difference.

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