So, the John Hopkins map ( ) on apparently dumped all data on Germany…

Then there's that tells me 100% of all patients in my state are… dead?

I kind of doubt the veracity of this data… :thaenkin:

Interestingly the second map shows the overall death stat of Germany as… 7, which sounds way less ridiculous.

@phryk Iran and Italy have been dropped from JohnsHopkins' map as well, and those numbers are much bigger.

@bikejourno Oh, right, didn't even notice Italy missing because of San Marino & the Vatican still having their bubbles…

@phryk Either there is some serious updating going on in the backend of that map or it is about to lose its relevance at the worst moment imaginable. In times of panic, facts are a must.

@bikejourno Well, that's pretty damn hard because every place is collecting statistics differently. In many places lower case numbers are just the result of lower testing capability…

@phryk Of course, I stopped taking the numbers for China seriously when Beijing changed the very definition of «confirmed Covid case» for a 2nd time. Everybody who has ever been into statistics on an academic level knows that numbers based on different definitions can not be compared in any way.

@bikejourno Italy far as I know has the same standard for the whole country so you can at least compare internally. In Germany I don't think there's any consistency…^^

@phryk I can still see them... In the git database they are also still there...

@mowoe Ah yes, Germanys data is back, as is Italys.

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